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DUMBARTON FREE HIGH CHURCH, Latta Street, Dumbarton.

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A competition had been held to select the architects with Halley & Neil from Glasgow, winning. Construction was completed in 1908. ,

The congregation had split from the National Church of Scotland in 1843 during a period viewed as the Disruption, and since then had held services first at a church on St. Mary's Way, Dumbarton, and then on the corner of High Street and Brewery Lane in the centre of town. (Brewery Lane had been near the ferry crossing point just downstream from Dumbarton Bridge). 

In 1900, the Free Church and the United Presbyterian Church combined to form a United Free Church. A small minority of the Free Church felt uncomfortable with the union and chose to remain separate, and remained in control of the building on the High Street. 

The Free Church congregation on the High Street was eventually expelled from the building by the United Free Church, after a Royal commission set up by the government sought to reclaim the building for the United Free Church. The new, displaced Dumbarton Free Church congregation settled on the Latta Street location and built the current building. Over the entrance the dates listed are 1843 - 1908. The first refers to the date of the Disruption and move away from the National Church of Scotland. The second refers to the date the building was opened for congregational worship. [Dumbarton Free Church website]. 

A view from Latta Street.

The entrance.

CANMORE : https://canmore.org.uk/site/196928/dumbarton-latta-street-high-free-church

DUMBARTON FREE HIGH CHURCH website : https://www.dumbartonfreehighchurch.com/our-history

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