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MARSH MARIGOLD / KINGS CUP : Caltha palustris

This is a small perennial herbaceous plant of the buttercup family, native to marshes, fens, ditches and wet woodland in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. This naturally defines Scotland rather well and so it is no surprise to find this flower here in West Dunbartonshire. It is not unusual to find plants completely die back in winter, but this one actually disappears in the mud, quite often well below high waters of late winter floods. 

It is an attractive plant for along the edges of garden ponds and its seed is available from many nursery outlets. It is happy in very wet areas and once flourishing provides habitat for fogs and other pond wildlife.

This is a stretch of the River Leven in late April. The high waters of 3 months previously have receded, but had been right up to the level of the tow path. Undeterred, plants such as yellow flag iris, some greater celandine and some marsh marigolds appear again.

Marsh Marigold at the end of April on the waters edge of the upper Leven.

By early May the winter high waters have generally sibsided and the marsh marigold develops into impressive clumps of bright yellow and dark green.

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