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STRATHLEVEN WALK, River Leven, near the Vale of Leven Industrial Estate, Dumbarton. 

ACCESS : There is easy access at several points. Almost all of the route is flat, but the access point from the bridge at Renton has steps and there are steps or a steep path at one point on the path. 

///dips.bulldozer.clip Renton footbridge - A.

///grading.broads.directive Sign off Levenside Road - B.

///flippers.middle.last Strathleven Drive - C.

Access from Renton is across the pedestrian bridge.

It can be accessed from a footpath that runs down from Stratleven Drive.

If accessing from the industrial estate, pass Strathleven House and park alongside the woods in Levenside Road. Look for signboards and bollards where the path enters the woods.

In 2013, the West Dunbartonshire Council resurfaced an existing path that runs around the perimeter of the Vale of Leven Industrial Estate. Don't let the industrial aspect bother you. While that is within the circular route, the walk is dominated by beautiful mature trees and the River Leven. You can do the full circuit, which takes you through part of the industrial area, or just a semi-circular part of it along the river bank. 

A highlight of the walk, if you choose to include this part, is the historic STRATHLEVEN HOUSE : see index.asp?pageid=715666. The walk takes in some of the grounds with the house, a doocot and stables block. 

Along the route where it is alongside the River Leven you can look across at some of Renton's historical buldings such as the Trinity Parish Church, the Smollett Monument and a remnant of the Cordale Print works, a stocky brick tower alongside modern walling on a sweep of the river. If starting at Strathleven Park residential area, walk from Strathleven Drive to the footpath at the south west corner, down the back of Strathleven House and then follow Levenside Road to the signage that directs you through the woods towards the river. 

In 2021, the parking in Strathleven Drive at entrance point "C" was "removed" by the painting of double yellow lines on both sides of the road - even though this section of road is double width and one way. No reasons have been provided. Parking though can still be found in open area between the industrial units two blocks away.

The entrance into the woods from Levenside Road.

Direction signs across the footbridge from Renton.

A view from the walk looking across the Leven at Trinity Parish Church. index.asp?pageid=715778

GEOGRPAH.ORG : https://m.geograph.org.uk/photo/3775641

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