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In common parlance all spiderwebs are probably called cobwebs, but for our purposes here we differentiate between fairly random cobwebs and orb webs which are spirals or the other types of web shape.

Also known as Theridiidae, the cobweb is the name given to the araneomorph spider family comprising of more than 3000 species divided into 124 genera.  The species belonging to this family is the commonest arthropods found worldwide in human dwellings. [Wiki].


# Identification has been made by closest match from the online web and may well be subject to correction by experts.

Wikipedia tells us that : The triangulate cobweb spider (scientific name: Steatoda triangulosa; also called the triangulate bud spider) is a common spider in the genus Steatoda. It is well known for the triangle-shaped pattern on the dorsal side of its abdomen.

The adult female triangulate cobweb spider is 3 to 6 mm long (1/8 to 1/4 inch), with a brownish-orange cephalothorax and spindly, yellowish legs, and tiny hairs. The round, bulbous abdomen is creamy in color, with parallel purply-brown zigzag lines running front to back. This distinctive pattern sets it apart from other theridiids in its area.

The triangulate cobweb spider is known to prey on many other types of arthropods, ants (including fire ants), other spiders, pillbugs, and ticks. It preys on several other spiders believed to be harmful to humans, including the brown recluse.

One misty morning in early September and the grass is festooned with spiderwebs pearls of dew. A careful look finds tiny spiders on duty. These two photos show them through the web ie looking towards their undersides. This confuses firm identification, but looks correct.

Note that the webs are almost vertical and haphazard in design. The spiders usually, but not always sit in the centre awaiting prey to be caught.

WIKIPEDIA : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangulate_cobweb_spider

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