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ERSKINE FERRY, Erskine Ferry Road, off Dumbarton Road, below the Erskine Bridge, Old Kilpatrick.

ACCESS : The slipway remains, but nothing else. 

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Below the imposing Erskine Bridge are the remains of the service that predated it - the Erskine Ferry. What we find today is a slipway, one that has an edge that could be used as a quayside for alighting and disembarking passengers. 

To fully understand the features that remain here,and their layout, you need to realise that this was also the Napier and Miller Shipyard. That was quite extensive; the ferry operations simply making the most of what was here.

This area is now derelict and is approached past the refuse recycle point. ironically the very pleasant walks into the Saltings area begins close by. 

Across the Clyde is the the opposite ferry terminal. That comprises both a slipway and an "Erskine Hospital Ferry Lodge". This was the ticket office. It is not know why it is referred to soemthing to do with the hospital. (listed B). That building is now a private home. 

The ferry service, established in 1777, was also referred to as East Ferry of Erskine as there was another ferry to Dumbarton a few miles down river, known as West Ferry. [Wiki].

At one time and during low tides, the Clyde had been shallow enough to ford on foot. This all changed when the river was dredged to allow large ships to sail upriver to Glasgow. A ferry service then had to be introduced. This was only a passenger-only service at first. The Clyde Navigation Trust acquired the service in 1907 and added a vehicle ferry boat to the service. 

The ferry as depicted in an old postcard of 1903.

The ferry service was replaced by the Erskine Bridge in 1971.

If you wish to visit the opposite side of the ferry route, you can reach the slipway by crossing the Erskine Bridge. Exit at the first slip road and head down onto the Erskine road - keeping to this side of the bridge. Look for a small road off in the direction of the Clyde. This passes through trees until reaching the Boden Boo carpark. Besides the slipway, there is the lodge, some parkland down stream and paved pathway upstream. 

This is little more than a brief summary of an iteresting subject. If you would like to know more you can find quite a bit on the web. The Colour the Clyde - Dlamadan Index is a good start. See link below. 

Also see : NAPIER AND MILLER SHIPYARD : index.asp?pageid=737539

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WIKIPEDIA : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erskine_Ferry

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