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There are many variations of scabious flowers and they are certainly introduced or bred hybrids. The common name 'scabious' comes the Latin word scabiosus meaning 'mangy, rough or itchy' which refers to the herb's traditional usage as a folk medicine to treat scabies, an illness that causes a severe itching sensation. [Wiki].

The leaves of most species are somewhat hairy and partly divided into lobes, but a few are smooth and some species have simple leaves. The flowers are borne on inflorescences in the form of heads; each head contains many small florets, each floret cupped in a membranous, saucer-shaped bract. [Wiki].

While it is almost impossible to tell exactly which one has been found here, it is nevertheless intriguing to find it at all defiantly standing after a few mornings of frost in November.

This one was found in the edge of Fishers Wood next to the Leven in November after several frosty mornings. The individual florets can be seen.

WIKIPEDIA : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scabiosa

Various gardening websites also desribe domesticated varieties.

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