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HONEYSUCKLE : Lonicera periclymenum

Also known as woodbine. 

Honesuckle can be found all over West Dunbartonshire. This form is native to Europe and the UK, but must not be confused with the many introduced species, some of which have escaped into the wild. 

its flowers are cream to yellowish orange often with a red or pink flush. The leaves are deep green and oval with no or very short stalks. Leaves are arranged in pairs opposite each other. Its fruit forms in clusters of red berries which ripen in autumn.

Its scent is described as sweet and heady" and certainly in spring you may notice this before you even see the plant. This scent also attracts many insects which help with its pollination. 

The Woodland Trust tells us that it was once believed that if honeysuckle grew around a home’s entrance, it would bring good luck and stop any evil spirits from entering. It has also long been considered a symbol of fidelity, and in Victorian times young girls were banned from bringing honeysuckle into the house because it was believed the strong smell would make them have suggestive dreams! 

The flowers appear through spring and into summer before starting to wilt. Its leafs are small and spear shaped.

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WOODLAND TRUSTS : https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/trees-woods-and-wildlife/plants/wild-flowers/honeysuckle/

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