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TULLICHEWAN ESTATE STABLES COTTAGE, above the A82, (opposite Woodbank Gardens). 

ACCESS : This can be seen from the A82, but there is no close access. 

Listed B. 


This is one of those intriguing buildings that you see fleetingly while passing at some speed. What can it be? Why is it just stuck up there above the busy main road to the north? 

It was built as the stables and coachhosue for TULLICHEWAN CASTLE (discussed separately). Although it may well have always had a cottage component, it only later became solely a cottage. It is certainly grand and befitting a castle. That castle unfortunately no longer exists and this is a remnant to remind us of an earlier era of grandeur in the Vale of Leven. 

It was designed by Robert Lugar in the early 19th century. What makes it stand out is it grand arched entrance way over which is a delicate pointed arch window set within a rustic stone gable set off in turn by sharp castellations and small turrets at each side, a light stone "lantern".  But this is only the entrance way. To each side are castellated wings overall forming a "U" layout with a central courtyard. 

While some stonework needs some attention, there is now a modern dwelling behind this facade. 

This map is dated 1860 and shows the "U" shaped stables a little south of the castle itself. The A82 runs close by the stables; the castle though long gone. NLS ©

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