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RENTON MASONIC LODGE, more correctly known as Lodge Leven St John No.170, Alexander Road, Renton. 

ACCESS : No access to the interior unless there is an event on, but right on Alexander Street.


Thia building is not listed, but should be as it creates a degree of unison with Renton Trinity Parish Church and the housing across and next to it. 

According to the Lodge's website, it was constituted in 1788 under a travelling charter from The Grand Lodge of Scotland. 

There is an interesting history of Brother A. S. MacBribe (PM) who was considered the greatest figure in Scottish Masonry. It includes some description of life in Renton at the time. The following quotes are taken from this source - Short Story by Brother John Agnew Past Secretary Lodge Leven St John.

The website goes on to note : In Nov 1892 Lodge Leven St John met in a well equipped lodge room in the house of Brother William Murray, but greater and more suitable accommodation was found to be necessary, with the members expressing their desire to have a hall of their own. Brother MacBride inaugurated a shares scheme to be paid up in twelve instalments. To assist in keeping costs down Brother MacBride used his skills acquired during his earlier studies of building construction to draw out plans and specifications for the lodge building, thereby saving the cost of an architect and master of works. Brother MacBride superintended the construction of this lodge room and he was also responsible for its interior decorations. In efforts to raise the spirits of the workers Brother MacBride could be found marching around the worksite playing his 'baggies' ably assisted by Brothers Robert Watt and Brother William Sinclair. The foundation stone of this lodge building was laid in Nov 1892 with the completed hall being consecrated in Dec 1893.  Some 21 years later it was found necessary once more to extend the original hall and in 1914 further construction work was started, the first meeting in the larger premises took place on 22nd Nov 1915 and whilst the reconstruction was underway from Oct 1914 till July 1915 lodge meetings were conducted in the Masonic hall, Dumbarton.


GEOGRAPH website : https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/3004037

LODGE LEVEN ST JOHN 170 website : http://llstj170.masonic-lodge.org.uk/

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