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COMMON JELLYSPOT FUNGUS : Dacrymyces stillatus

Dacrymyces stillatus is a small, yellowish-orange, gelatinous blob pr cluster pf blobs. It grows from coniferous wood or hardwoods, on decorticated, bark-less sticks, or "erumpent" through still-attached bark. The fruitbodies can appear at any time of the year during periods of wet weather. 

Typical yellow / orange jellyspot blobs in Fishers Wood in damp November weather.

An example from the upper Leven towpath in January.

THE ULTIMATE MUSHROOM : https://ultimate-mushroom.com/poisonous/523-dacrymyces-stillatus.html

Source: https://ultimate-mushroom.com/poisonous/523-dacrymyces-stillatus.html

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