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There are various types that seem to like sharing our homes.

GIANT HOUSE SPIDERS : tegenaria gigantea

Wiki tells us that The bite of these species does not pose a threat to humans or pets, and they are generally reluctant to bite, preferring instead to hide or escape. So in spite of its size and formidable appearance, it is nothing to be fear. 

It is native to Europe and north Africa, but has been unwittingly been disperse far afield.

This spider is more a hunting spider than a web builder and my simply sit waiting in a strategic location, but when they do build webs - The webs built by the giant house spider are flat and messy with a funnel at one end. They do not contain sticky threads. The spider lurks in the funnel until a small invertebrate happens to get trapped in the web, at which point the spider runs out and attacks it. They usually build their webs in corners (on both the floor and ceiling), between boxes in basements, behind cupboards, in attics, or any other area that is rarely disturbed by large animals or humans. They are also often found near window openings.

E. atrica normally lives for two or three years, but lifetimes of up to six years have been observed. While the female only leaves its nest to feed, males can often be seen wandering around houses during the late summer and early autumn looking for a mate. Males can be found from July to October, adult females occur all year.

At least 60 spiderlings emerge from an egg sac. [Wiki].

These two pictures were taken of the same regular spider who likes to sit in the bath. This is somewhat of a mystery. The house is above Renton. The family carefully remove the spider to outside the window which is then closed, fully sealed..... but it somehow returns. This has been going on for years. Does it come back up the waste pipe? Spiders do not have a long lifespan, so is this habit heeditary? Sitting in the bath would be more accidental than intentional as if it slips in it cannot get out again.

WIKIPEDIA : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_house_spider

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