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DUCK BAY, Loch Lomond, off the A82 north of Balloch. 

ACCESS : Free parking. Part of National Cycle Network Route 7. Open lawns and views across Loch Lomond. 


Duck Bay is a great place to view Loch Lomond at its sounthernmost end. As the name suggests, there are plenty of ducks and other water birds. You can also watch the passing boats or even the sea plane. 

There is a first class restaurant and hotel of the same name here. 

Immediately across from here is the nearest of the islands of Loch Lomond : INCHMURRIN. 

Technically Duck Bay is within Argyll and Bute, but as the turn-off is within West Dunbartonshire, we tend to claim it as our own. The local authority areas boundary somehow manages to skirt between the two. Cameron House is within West Dunbartonshire, but as you then turn towards Duck Bay, you cross the boundary. (See map in link below).

Look for : a moorhen.

This is who you are most likely to see. Mallard. But there are a great many other species of birds here. 

This is a view of Duck Bay from over the water. Most prominant is the restaurant and hotel. To the right at water level is the road alongside the waters edge. Beyond it is the elegant Auchendennan House. (Cameron House is out of the picture to the left).

The views are tremendous. In the near distance is Inchmurrin. Beyond it is Ben Lomond.

OK, this is an extremely rare occurence. This photo comes from quite a few years ago. The barrage on the Leven had been closed to protect Dumbarton during persitent heavy rains. Loch Lomond burst its banks. Actually the way the barrage works and its purpose are more complex than this and it cannot be held entirely responsible. The reasons are mainly to do with weather conditions, snow melt, run-off and ease of flow into an already bursting Leven further down. See index.asp?pageid=718264But there were a few days when Duck Bay really lived up to its name. Ducks happily paddled around the carpark. The premises were altered after this event and is no longer affected quite as severely as this. (Note : NO CAMPING!). Also see FLOODING index.asp?pageid=734104

VISIT SCOTLAND website : https://www.visitscotland.com/info/towns-villages/duck-bay-p247971

WEST DUNBARTONSHIRE COUNCIL : Lomond Ward boundary map : https://www.west-dunbarton.gov.uk/council/about-west-dunbartonshire/council-ward-boundaries-and-profiles/lomond-ward/

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