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ACCESS : The road up to Greenside Reservoir passes this site, but the structures have been demolished and superceded by a nursing home.

The well-known landmark, the Water Tower and Treatment Works at the top of Cochno Road, is no more. It was the meeting place and starting point for many walkers heading for Greenside Reservoir, Duncolm and beyond. [Clydebelt Blog]. 

This quote says it all. The raised watertank on columns was iconic - well to some. The filter beds and supporting buildings were extensive and served a vast area below them. Water purification is now all done at the Burncrooks Treatment Works: the lochs and reservoirs being all interconnected by pump or gravity feeds. Water flows back to Cochno where there are still underground tanks for distribution to most of Clydebank. [Clydebelt Blog]. 

There is little of note remaining here and instead a modern nursing home makes most of the view.

It is understood that water from Burncrooks is now taken to Mugdock for purification and circulated back to Cochno for distribution in the Clydebank area. All the Kilpatrick Lochs and reservoirs are interconnected with purification being done at Mugdock.

Some views of what it used to look like.

Two internal views from the past. Love that pot plant. [SG].

CANMORE : https://canmore.org.uk/site/315762/cochno-cochno-road-cochno-filters

CLYDEBELT NEWS blog : http://clydebeltblog.weebly.com/clydebelt-news-page/cochno-filters

GLASGOW PUNTER blog : https://glasgowpunter.blogspot.com/2019/05/water-towers-of-glasgow.html This shows this works and tower amongst a range of similar ones around this region. 


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