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ACCESS : Easy and level pedestrian access. There is a small carpark for patrons. You can walk from here into the Balloch Country Park on this side of the Leven or cross the bridge to get to the cruise boats or Lomond Shores.


This inn with a popular restaurant is located on the east side of Balloch Bridge. This is no coincidence. Before the bridge was built, this was the location of a ferry crossing. The very name "balloch" comes from the Gaelic “bealach” meaning a pass. 

The Balloch House was built in the early 18th Century and became a hotel the following century. Loch Lomond has been a must-see place to visit for a very long time and this building was the obvious place to find refreshment or possibly stay over. Over the course of its existence it has seen a number of signficant visitors which have included Hans Christian Anderson in 1847 and the Empress Eugenie, wife of Louis-Napolean Bonaparte's nephew in 1860.

VALE OF LEVEN PROJECT : http://www.valeofleven.org.uk/images/balloch01L.jpg

VINTAGE INN : https://www.vintageinn.co.uk/restaurants/scotland-northern-ireland/theballochhouselochlomond#/

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