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ACCESS  : This site is easily reached as it sits behind the small shop to the side of the Bonhill Bridge. 



This works was situated on the west side of the Leven immediately up from the Bonhill Bridge. The bridge has been rebuilt since this map was drawn and realigned slightly. The site itself is now modern housing centred around Ferryfield Gardens and reasonably accessible, but best seen from the towpath. The small shop has developed on the site of that small building that can also be made out on the map. 

The "mill lade" can be seen on the map. "mill" in this sense meaning workshop.

And "Ferryfield"? Well the bridge wasn't there when the works was started and a ferry ran across the river at this point. The steps still exist on the west side of the river, but have disappeared on the Dalmonach side to the east. These steps were fairly substantially laid out and entered the works into what became Ferry Loan. Today that link is obstructed by the railway fence next to Waterside House. (The railway curves away at this point). If you look at the old map above you can see the loan and where the small works was situated including Ferry House.

The steps up from the river.

And where they rise up to the works from the towpath.

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