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SNOWFLAKES : Leucojum aestivum

This plant is so often confused with snowdrops. See index.asp?pageid=735925 There are some significant differences though. Snowdrops flower in late-January. early February, are completely white on the outer tepals while the snowflakes have green spots. Snowflakes have longer stems and leaves and they flower in spring. They are also known as summer snowflake or Loddon lily.

It is native to most of Europe. 

After flowering, the fruits develop flotation chambers but remain attached to the stem. It has been recorded that if the stems break in heavy wet weather, the fruits may be carried downstream where they may reestablish themselves. 

They are popular garden flowers and unsurprisingly several varieties have been propagated. 

All species of Leucojum are poisonous, as the leaves and bulbs contain the toxic alkaloids lycorine and galantamine.

These snowflakes have been planted in the containers aloing Mitchell Way in March.

So much like a snowdrop. The easiest way to differentiale them is by noting the green spots on the outside of the petal. (Snow drops do not have these, but do have some green markings on the underside.

The underside.

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