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SANDPOINT on the River Leven, Dumbarton.

ACCESS : This is a commercial working boatyard and marina. Access if for customers and reached from Woodyard Road by land or from the mouth of the Leven from the Clyde.

///attention.punk.kickers Main entrance.

To understand the origins of this boatyard and marina you should refer to WOODYARD SHIPYARD discussed separately. The name of Sandpoint lingers, reminding us of its original natural form where the Leven met the Clyde. Today it plays a vital role in supporting boat owners with moorings, hardstanding boat storage and maintenance. It and can provide a 85 ton launching/recovery trailer. 

It is best seen from the Dumbarton Castle ramparts where you will also notice the curve of the river at this point and the remaining basin across the river from it. 

This photo was taken only a few years ago, but already the scene has changed. The Sandpoint edges are seen here being infilled and raised. On the far bank the tower of Allied Distillery can still be seen and there are some qutie extensive gaps in that terrain that have since been built up.

This photo was taken several years ago and is included as a record of the change that has taken place.

CANMORE : https://canmore.org.uk/site/161570/dumbarton-woodyard

SANDPOINT MARINA : http://www.sandpoint-marina.co.uk/

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