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TITAN CRANE, Queen's Quay, Clydebank.

ACCESS : The crane is usually open to the public, but this has been affected by ongoing construction works in the immediate area. Check the website for opening times. There is easy access for all abilities. You are greeted at a welcome centre at the carpark and taken to the small museum / kiosk at its base. From there there is safe access with a lift to the top. All you need is a head for heights. 

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The Titan crane, now usually referred to as Titan Clydebank is a 150-foot-high (46 m) cantilever crane at Clydebank. It was designed to be used in the lifting of heavy equipment, such as engines and boilers, during the fitting-out of battleships and ocean liners at the John Brown & Company shipyard. It was also the world's first electrically powered cantilever crane, and the largest crane of its type at the time of its completion. [Wiki]. 

The crane was built in the heart of the shipbuilding industry of Clydebank in 1907. It was used to construct some of the largest ships of the 20th century, including the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 2.

In 2004 Clydebank Re-built, the local urban regeneration company, took ownership  of around 10 acres of the former John Brown's site from the private sector, including the Titan Crane.

Following consultation with Clydebank community, the decision was taken to not only restore the Crane to its' former magnificance but to open it up to the public as a visitor and heritage attraction.

Since opening in 2007, the Crane has welcomed all - from grandparents with grandchildren to education groups to ex shipyard workers and their families. 

Also, why not abseil, bungee or swing from the Titan Crane for charity? This is a fun and exciting way to raise funds for a good cause contact them. [Titan Crane website].

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