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We have two willowherb specties growing here, the Broad-leaved willowherb and the Great willowherb. They differ in colour and leaves. 

A third is described separately as it is very different in form althougH they grow the same enivironment. See index.asp?pageid=732649

Broad-Leaved WILLOWHERB : Epilobium montanum 

"Montanum" means Mountain Plant, but it is a native perennial plant of the UK, typically found growing in woodland, gardens and waste ground. Somehow some found the Leven towpath suitable too. The plant bears widely spaced, opposing pairs of smooth-surfaced leaves on downy stems. Its pink notch-petalled flowers are borne individually on long, often drooping, stalks. These stalks later give way to seed pods, which split open to send out feathery seeds on the wind. [Native Flower].

This one was seen on the Leven towpath in July.

Great WILLOWHERB : Epilobium hirsutum

The leaves and stalks of this plant are covered in hairs. The flowers purplish pink.

It can grow in height quite substantially, but you may well find it growing happily amongst other plants of average size. It flourishes on damp ground, such as wet grasslands, ditches, riversides and woodland clearings. 

An example growing on the upper Leven towpath towards the barrage in July.

NATIVE FLOWER: https://www.nativeflower.co.uk/details.php?plant_url=26

WILDLIFE TRUSTS : https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife-explorer/wildflowers/great-willowherb

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