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BLACKBIRD : Turdus merula

These charming birds can be found in most gardens and parks around West Dunbartonshire. They love the sunshine on a lawn, but tend to dart in and out from under vegetation, almost like a mouse. 

They are, as their name suggests, black, although the females may be rather brown. The immature birds can be confused with the females. The males have a bright yellow beak, while the female's beak can be a duller colour. 

The blackbird diet consists of a variety of insects and worms, but they also eat berries and fruit or even help themselves to bird feeder offcasts on the ground that other birds may drop. They are not seed eaters, but may eat bits of fat balls. 

A blackbird near Renton rushes in after the larger birds have had their fatballs and happily grabs the small bits. Normally though this posture would indicate that it is listening to the sound of some prey beneath the surface .... and then strike. 

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WOODLAND TRUST : https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/trees-woods-and-wildlife/animals/birds/blackbird/

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