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GARLIC MUSTARD : Alliaria petiolata

Not at all like wild garlic, but its leaves do vaguely smell of garlic.

Also known as 'Jack-by-the-hedge'.

This plant likes lightly shady places such as below trees or, as in this case, against a wall. It can grow to over a metre tall and has small white flowers that appear from April. It is a biennial plant, so takes two years to complete its lifecycle. It grows young leaves in its first season, which it keeps over winter, and then flowers in the spring of its second year. (Wildlife Trusts).

The small white flowers have 4 petals in the shape of a cross and grow in distinctive clusters.

The Eat Weeds website tells us that : The release of a garlic smell and taste when the leaves are crushed led to the use of garlic mustard as an alternative to true garlic. Thus it can be said to have the same uses as garlic in food preparation and cooking. The wild herb also makes an excellent savoury salad green, sauce and potherb. Seeds used as a pepper substitute. The root has wasabi notes, and the flavour ranges from ‘very hot’ to ‘sweet with mild heat’ depending on location and region.

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WILDLIFE TRUSTS : https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife-explorer/wildflowers/garlic-mustard

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