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ST PATRICKS CHURCH PRESBYTERY, behind the church,  Strathleven Place, Dumbarton.

ACCESS : Restricted access.

This is not within the B listing of the church, but the principle remains that buildings on the same site are governed by the same conditions. 

Dumbarton Town Centre Conservation Area. 


The presbytery is an interesting large building fully in keeping with the B listed church which it serves. It has detailing and proportions typical of the period and is in matching red sandstone. 

The general principle with building listing is that the whole site is included unless there are very specific and clear exclusions. The listing text for the church though notes only the church, tower and gateposts and spcifically mentions that the presbytery is excluded. This is somewhat unusual. Any proposed changes to the site including this building would still be subject to the conditions of the main building, ie the church. 

BRITISH LISTED BUILDINGS :http:// https://britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/200361031-st-patricks-roman-catholic-church-strathleven-place-dumbarton-dumbarton#.X-nLmDRxdPY

CANMORE : https://canmore.org.uk/site/197192/dumbarton-strathleven-place-st-patricks-roman-catholic-church-presbytery

ST PATRICK'S DUMBARTON website : http://www.stpatricksdumbarton.org.uk/history.html

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