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Arachnids include spiders, harvestmen and scorpions. We find plenty of the first two in Scotland. Scorpions do exist here, but as invaders sneeking in within imported goods such as tropical fruit.

An easy and readily useful way of identifying spiders is to put them in basic groups. This may not satisfy the expert who insists of detailed taxonomy, but it suits the rest of us with a simpler level of interest. Their webs are a good starting point. 

  • Spiral orb webs, associated primarily with the family Araneidae, as well as Tetragnathidae and Uloboridae

  • Tangle webs or cobwebs, associated with the family Theridiidae

  • Funnel webs, with associations divided into primitive and modern, but we don't have any of these in the UK.

  • Tubular webs, which run up the bases of trees or along the ground

  • Sheet webs

  • And then there are the spiders without webs which lie in wait for prey.

For specific creatures, use the sub-tabs.

BRITISH SPIDERS website / BRITISH ARACHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY : https://britishspiders.org.uk/

FAUNA FACTS : https://faunafacts.com/spiders/types-of-spider-webs/#google_vignette

NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY OF NORTHUMBRIA : Discusses webs. https://www.nhsn.org.uk/spider-families-and-their-webs/#:~:text=There%20are%20a%20few%20families%20of%20spider%20in,there%20are%20strands%20of%20silk%20within%20the%20hub.

NHBS : https://www.nhbs.com/blog/the-nhbs-guide-to-uk-spider-identification

WIKIPEDIA : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider_web#:~:text=Different%20types%20of%20spider%20webs%20include%3A%201%20Spiral,trees%20or%20along%20the%20ground%205%20Sheet%20webs

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