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MILESTONES and signage.

We don't seem to need to be told how far we are from anywhere anymore as we travel faster and have other means of knowing where we are and where we are going. But milestones were much more crucial features in our town and landscapes. Although referred to as milestones, they were often of other materials such as cast iron. 

The reference to a town cross would be to a central crossing point of key roads, which in turn was often a market area and where you would find a burgh hall or similar civic building. In the case of Dumbarton Cross, this appears to refer to the junction of Dumbarton High Street and the Vennel (approximately where the Artizan Centre mall now runs. This is also about where the Burgh Hall stood and the road widened to allow for market stalls.

You may find some using the older spelling of Dunbarton. Dun natrurally refers to the Fort of the Britons, dun beign a fortified hill : Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Breatann or Dùn Breatainn,The spelling  has  evolved from Dumbairton, Dumbartoun or Dumbertan.

This cast iron one is in Cardross and refers to the important town of Dunbarton to the left and the lesser town of Helensburgh to the right.

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