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ACCESS : Easy access for all from Mountblow and Overtoun Roads and Littlehom Place. 

///barks.clouds.monday Mountblow Road entrance.

///adopt.shine.fend Overtoun Road entrance.

Dalmuir Park is extensive and varied. A bowling green is located on the Overtoun Road side and a golf course stretches out beyond. The main landscaped area has pleasant lawns and colourful flowerbeds all surrounded by mature trees. 

A large pond is home to a variety of waterfowl. Near it is an ornamental drinking fountain. It was gifted by Provost Leckie in 1907. In the past this was a drinking fountain as there was fresh running water being piped through and visitors could have a drink of water by means of a metal cup. These days however, the fountain no longer has fresh running water running through it. In 2012, as part of the restoration project, the fountain was restored to its former glory... The fountain has some fantastic detail and as you can see, the golden eagle on the top of the fountain is very prominent, having been painted in gold leaf. [WDC]. 

At the Mountblow entrance to the park the 'Dalmuir Park Sculpture' was installed at the end of March 2013 to commemorate the Dalmuir Park Restoration Project. This sculpture by Elspeth Bennie features a working clock providing a link to the giant Singer Clock tower (whose factory was one of the major industries of the local area); as well as detailing the history of the park.  The sculpture is lit up at night and is very picturesque. [WDC]. 

There is a children's play area. 

Its all a matter of taste. This "gold plating" image of the drinking fountain has been replaced by a smart metalic grey with just a few highlights.

This is the new clock tower. Look closer and you will see depictions of local history.

The gardens offer a rich tapestry of colour.

The pond is the heart of the park and is often frequented by swans.

The pond is fed from Mill Lade, which runs alongside the Duntocher Burn. There is a pathway alongside it heading towards the golf course and some flats. 

In 1747, Richard Collins opened a wood chipping, bleaching and paper making mill here. This lade and the pond remain to this day. 

There are also paths under the large trees on the slope above the lade. A short walk takes you into a band of woodland. But the most popular area is the vast lawns with views out over Dalmuir's tenements to the south.

The woodland walk.

The view to the south.

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This link has more on the duck pond and lade : https://www.west-dunbarton.gov.uk/leisure-parks-events/parks-and-greenspaces/parks/dalmuir-park/dalmuir-park-restoration-project/park-facilities-and-features/duck-pond/

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