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Listed B as "Overtoun House, Bridge at Garshake Drive over Overtoun Burn". 


Also see OVERTOUN HOUSE : index.asp?pageid=715673; OVERTOUN ESTATE : index.asp?pageid=716068

Right next to the entrance to Overtoun House itself, is this dramatic bridge. Well it may not look like more than a grand driveway entrance from above, but peer over that edge! 

The bridge has accumulated an aura of mystery. There are a number of tales of dogs being lured over the edge into the chasm below by unseen forces. Of course this can simply be explained as foolish pooches not understanding the dangers beyond, but who would dare deny the supernatural. 

Wiki tells us : Lord Overtoun had inherited Overtoun House and its estate in 1891. He purchased the neighbouring Garshake estate to the west of his lands in 1892. Carriages had been unable to gain access to the Overtoun mansion along the old eastern approach road as the incline was too steep; work commenced on constructing a new driveway as soon as Garshake was acquired.

Designed by the civil engineer and landscape architect H. E. Milner, the bridge was constructed using rough-faced ashlar and was completed in June 1895. It comprises three arches: a large central arch spanning a deep valley at the bottom of which flows the Overtoun Burn, flanked on each side by lower, smaller pedestrian arches.

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