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ACCESS : The site is now a narrow landscaped area alongside the Main Street in Jamestown.


Note : this works changed name when it was redeveloped and expanded.

The 1860 map is not helpful in clarifying the extent of the Low Levenbank Yarn Works. It appears to have been housed in long building almost parallel with the Leven. Nearby was the farm steading of Milton.

By the time of the 1914 map it has gone, but is replaced by the much more substantial premises known as Milton Works.

The Vale of Leven Project website notes that the Milton Works was opened in 1772 as a bleach works. This the trouble with historical records. The places may be the same, but names change. 

Its lade had been part of the original infrastructure and ran tightly just in from the Leven. That has since disappeared along with the narrow band of buildings, but the site remains as a narrow landscaped area with a footpath amongst trees.

The Low Levenbank works on the east bank of the Leven. Opposite it was the Levenfield Bleach and Print Works.

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