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This is a photographic record of Mitchell Way in mid-2023. The south east side has been left to decay with the intention of demolition. The side opposite is unaffected except by the visual impact and has largely remained in good condition with some newer shops from Iceland in the old CoOP department store to Gordon's Chemist, Savers and Vale of Leven Trust. There are some uncertain premises such as the police station which remain while MacKay's / M&Co which for years added a degree of fashion at the corner with Main Street has now closed. 

To be fair, the apparent indecision on its fate depended to some extent on the Covid-19 period of lockdown and the need to confirm specific developers.

The premises were the happy home of several feral pigeons.

Dreich Lane?

The two blocks on the one side creating a slight bend in the pedestian area. One has been stripped of its white painted harling. The other side which is to be retained is well maintained.

Various types of weed take the opportunity to grow in clogged gutters.

Great roof gardens!

The hardling has been removed first on this block exposing the raw brick. Some of it was falling off anyway, hence the Heras fencing standing there for so long. These posts once held cheerfully planted hanging baskets.

The CoOp looks a little forlorn up towards the Main Street simply due to its decaying neighbour.

Once the hopes of someone's small business.

Some interesting, if a little impractical roofscapes across from the fresh facade of Savers.

The ironic wording on the archway : MIT HELL WAY. This pedestrian point was misused for years by vagrants, litter, lack of maintenance and leaking pipes from above.


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