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COMMON GREEN CAPSID : lygocoris pabulinus

Our examples were found on common daisies near Renton. They like woody or herbacious plants. They lay their egss on woody plants to over winter which become pests in spring, particularly on fruit and potatoes. 

They look much like leafhoppers, but have distinctive small heads (the leafhopper's head is more integral with its body) and longer feelers. Their abdomens is brown, in contrast with the rest of the body which is bright green.

Gardeners World are unsurpringly unenthusiastic and offer remedies for their eradication : Capsid bugs are sap-sucking garden pests, and include species like the tarnished bug (Lygus rugulipennis) and the common green capsid (Lygocoris pabulinus). A wide range of plants can be affected, but you’re most likely to spot their damage (distorted, holey leaves) on chrysanthemums, dahlias, fuchsias and apples. 

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