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YARROW : Achillea millefolium

There are several plants with clusters of small white flowers that look similar. In each cases it is necessary to look at the leaves to be able to confirm the species. This one is easy. It has dark green, finely divided, feathery leaves that are quite unlike any others. 

It has flat-topped clusters of white flower heads, each comprising yellowish disc florets and pinky-white ray florets - together they give the impression of one flower with a yellow centre and white petals. [Wildlife Trusts]. Our example was found aling the Leven towpath near Alexandria in July. 

Centuries ago, Yarrow was used as a charm against bad luck and illness. Although it was also used to stop wounds from bleeding, it was believed to cause nosebleeds if put up the nose. [Wildlife Trusts].

At first glance the white flower heads look much like several others, but these are quite distinctive.

Look closer at the leaves and you will notice that they are almost feathery.

A zoomed in view of the leaf structure.

WILDLIFE TRUSTS : https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife-explorer/wildflowers/yarrow

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