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GROUND WOUNDWORT : Stachys sylvatica

The Wildlife Trust note that The unpleasant, astringent smell of Hedge woundwort makes this medium-sized plant of woodlands, hedgerows and roadside verges stand out from the crowd. The also say that it is common and unremarkable. But this is overstating it. It is really quite a pleasant plant to see. The smell is particularly apparent when the plant is crushed, but then we don't usually go around doing that.

Hedge woundwort has hairy stems that bear whorls of 'hooded', magenta-pink flowers with white markings. Its hairy leaves are dark green, heart-shaped and toothed.

The Incredible Edible blog points to its name and practical usage. As its name suggests it has been used as a wound-healing herb and enjoyed quite a reputation in the past, as its other name, Allheal, suggests. Culpeper tells us that it is “inferior to none” in its ability to heal wounds. Although it is little used today it appears that it is a very powerful remedy that we should know more about. As well as being healing to the tissues, it also arrests bleeding and is an antiseptic.

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WILDLIFE TRUSTS : https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife-explorer/wildflowers/hedge-woundwort

WOODLANDS UK : https://www.woodlands.co.uk/blog/woodland-flowers/pinkpurple-flowers/woundwort/

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