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22 Park Circus, "la Casa", West End, Glasgow

22 Park Circus, otherwise known as la Casa, was until recently a much loved wedding venue and registry office, but was originally a house built in the mid 19th Century for Walter MacFarlane, the founder of Saracen Foundry. It is the creation of architect Charles Wilson with the interiors by James Boucher. At one time it served as a club and then the Italian Consulate.

It is an extraordinary place to visit, with each room and interlinking spaces very richly decorated expressing the taste of the period. It is a large house of four floors. One of the most striking features is the elaborate forged metalwork throughout which was commissioned by the original owner. The ceiling cornice work is of particularly richly ornamental and very fine for this type and age of house.

This photograph depicts the simpler of the glazed cupolas, but that enables us to better appreciate the glass design. It is over the Billiard Room.

The exterior is equally grand, but in a very different way. The house is but one of many that make up the four segments of the circus of Park Circus surrounding a central garden. Each of the premises combine together for a dignified spacial and massing arrangement. And all in turn are surrounded by similar housing, a church and other buildings.

This particular building is no longer a wedding venue and is being marketed as a potential embassy again or an art gallery or something else that can make full use of the fantastic spaces.




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