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Carel Brandes [1749–1820) was a plantation owner in Demerary, in partnership in 1786 with J Elliott. In 1798 he owned three plantations and was at one time secretary for the Dutch colony of Essequibo. For a family tree see this link.

His brother Jan produced many exquisite water colours of life in the Dutch East Indies. In the Rijksmuseum collection there is a life drawing of Carel Brandes [Max de Brujin (Editor), Remco Raben (Editor), World of Jan Brandes, 1743-1808: Drawings of a Dutch Traveller in Batavia, Ceylon and Southern Africa (2004)]

In 1817 he owned 382 enslaved people on plantation Groenveldt, where his son Jan Carel Brandes (b1778) was his attorney.



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