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Alexander Angus [1786-1802], the son of the parish minister of Botriphnie, died in Demerara on 29th September 1802.

James and Peter Grant, Leguan, Essequibo - see sub-page.

Adam Knight Esq. of Portsoy died in Demerara in 1807 [Scots Magazine]. An advertisment in the Essequebo & Demerara Gazette [5 Dec 1807] detailed his property in the Kingston distirct of Georgetown which was to be sold:

. . . the half lot of land No. 6, situated in Kingston, with all the buildings thereon, consisting of a dwelling house 24 feet by 16, a range of out buildings 60 feet in length, also a Colony frame two stories high, covered with Wallaba shingles, 15 feet by 10, the whole paled in and paved, with a pleasant garden, &c. The quarter lot of land, more or less, No. 27, situated in the same street, consisting of a dwelling house 24 feet by 16, the frame of Colony wood covered with Wallaba shingles, with convenient out buildings all in good order. The half lot of land No. [blank] situated in the same town, with a side building 24 feet by 12, also a frame of hard wood laying in the same lot, 28 feet by 18, one and half story high. The half lot of land No. 89, situated on the North dam of Stabroek with the dwelling house, 36 feet by 12, one and half story high, new out buildings 30 feet by 11, of hard wood. Also a Colony built tent boat and punt, can be seen at the logie of Adam Knight deceased.

John Lister 'late merchant at Berbice' died at Banff in 1805

John Murray 'sometime of the island of Demerary' died at Portsoy in 1795 [Aberdeen Commissary Court CC1/6/58] He returned to Scotland in 1780  'as his health is suffering after being ten years in Demerary. He has saved £1600.' [Elgin Courant, and Morayshire Advertiser, 5 April 1898 quoting Rose Papers]

Andrew Rose (1783-1832) Anna Rose (1785-1827) of Montcoffer - see sub-page

George Reid (1799-1819) died at Bellefield plantation, Demerara, on 26 July 1819 [Edinburgh Annual Register]. he was born on 12 December 1799 in the parish of Deskford, the son of James Reid, tacksman of Ardoch, and his wife Amelia (or Emilia) Cuming. She was from Cuming of Sluie family and so related to Thomas and Lachlan Cuming.

William Reid married 'Princess' Minda, an Arawak Indian chief in Demerara, probably c1780. Their daughter Helen, married Charles Edmonstone. According to the introduction by J G Wood to the 1882 edition of Charles Waterton's Wanderings in South America, Reid was from Banffshire.

John Runcie [1780-1817], from Cullen, died at his plantation, Doorns Vreede in Demerara on 3rd September 1817.




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