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The slave Welcome

Welcome was Lachlan Cuming's slave at plantation Chateau Margo in Demerara. He was born in Africa about 1792.

From John Smith’s Diary
May 13 1817

Preached to about 300 negroes from Eph 1. 19-23. Welcome, Mr Cumming’s servant came to complain of Caliwander our servant. Welcome said he had caught him 3 times with his wife, Minkie, Mr Van Cooten’s servt. Caliwander is a bad boy: he goes out at night (after we are in bed) & gets with other’s wives. He has now 3 wives; yet must commit adultery with Minkie, tho’ her husband Welcome was his most intimate friend.


In Scotland

Welcome became Cuming's house servant at Blackhill House, near Elgin, Scotland, in the mid-1820s. However his relationship with Cuming deteriorated - perhaps because Welcome was no longer subservient.


Lachlan Cuming, will, 1836
My Negro servant, Welcome, £50, and also to pay his passage money from the county to Demerara by way of Greenock provided that he agrees to proceed thither immediately after my decease; and if he shall refuse to do so I forbid my said trustees to pay such passage money for him thereafter; and I particularly direct that he shall not be permitted to remain one day on the Estate of Blackhills after my funeral, seeing that although he was once faithful and attached he is now no longer entitled to that character and has entracted evil habits which render me desirous of removing him from the county to Demerary where he has a wife and large family; he was my slave and is now free and I refer for particulars of his manumission to my Repository of Notations; and I strictly forbid my said trustees from giving him any part of my wearing apparel.

This was later strengthened: my late Negro servant whose bad and ungrateful conduct induces me to forbid my trustees from affording him the least portion of my means.

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