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Grant (Dundreggan)

For a family tree see Alpin Grant on Ancestry (subscription required)

The three sons of Alexander Grant of Dundreggan and his wife, Isabella Grant [1780-1869], all went to Guyana.

1. Alpin, born 13 November, 1806 became a planter at Woodley Park, Berbice [SC70/1/137] and died at Nairn, 9 November, 1864.

2. Patrick Alexander James, born 10 March, 1812, became a  Stipendiary Magistrate in British Guiana, and died at Inverness, 4 May, 1884.

3. William, born 17 July, 1814, became a planter and died at Inverness, 2 November, 1847 [[John O'Groat Journal Friday, November 19, 1847].

In 1839 John Ross of Berbice Cottage, Inverness wrote to T. & W. Earle & Co., Liverpool recommending Mr. Alpin Grant to run the sugar plantation of Hanover ( D/EARLE/5/6/5 16 Sept 1839). In 1832 he was the executor, with John Maclean of Demerara and William Campbell of Berbice, of the will of Charles Maclean of Berbice, 1832 [London Gazette] and in 1841 a signatory of a Memorial to Governor of British Guiana.

Their mother, Isabella, was a sister of Patrick Grant [1778-1806], who died in Guyana.

 Principal source: Major Alpin's Ancestors and Descendants (Aberdeen, 1904)

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