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Other European planters & merchants: Mathias Rader

Martin Mathias Rader was attorney for a number of plantations, including Litchfield on the west coast of Berbice. When he set out for Great Britain in 1816, his manager on Litchfield, John Gordon, wrote that 'he intends going to Inverness and Cromarty where he is a stranger. To this gentleman I am much indebted he having some months previous to the sale of plantation Huntly given me the management of his estate.' [NAS GD23/6/427]

In 1814 Rader owned (or managed) and lived at plantation Belair (No 22) on the West Sea Coast.

In 1817 Rader owned plantation Providence, on the east bank of the river Berbice, with 100 slaves but sold this to a William Henery [Slave registers]. In 1819 he owned a single slave, named Dick, who three years later was baptised in the church of St Gangolf in Lindau, Bavaria.

Rader had a daughter Ellen with a Susannah Schultz. Ellen, born in 1813 and probably of mixed race, married Alexander Cameron, also of mixed race, and emigrated with him to Australia.


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