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Fraser (Clunes)

An Alexander Fraser, of Clunes (near Moniack), was in Berbice in 1806, where he struck a slave so hard on the temple that the slave died. Edward Fraser of Reelig, writing home, reported that Alex Fraser had disappeared and, if caught, was likely to be flogged and banished from the colony. [Kathy Fraser, For the Love of a Highland Home (St Kilda, Australia: Greythrush Publishiing, 2016), p53]

The offense for which Alex Fraser was to be punished was, of course, against the owner of the slave, whose 'property' had been destroyed.

This may be the same person as Alexander Fraser, of Essequibo, later of Ballindoun, who was the son of Simon Fraser, in Clunes, and his wife Isobel Fraser.

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