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Highland Scots - Inverness & area:
Donald Noble

In 1805 a young man named Donald Noble, the second son of the gardener at Moniack, joined Edward and James Fraser on Plantation No 28 on the west sea-coast of Berbice, apparently under the misapprehension that he was to lead the life of a gentleman planter. According to Edward, the younger brother,  Noble had the notion than he was on the same footing as James, and ordered the house slaves with more freedom that Edward did. He also ‘read the newspaper at breakfast’ and did not appear to understand what an overseer was.

According to Edward he talked 'a whole world of little Inverness talk and scandal'.

Noble went on to manage plantation Borlum in Berbice but died in July 1810, probably of fever. His possessions were sold at auction - 'a Negro Boy; a Silver Watch, a Sabre and Wearing Apparel'. [E&DRG, July 28th & October 6th, 1810]



There was also a Dr Noble in Berbice who, accoring to Edward Fraser of Reelig, 'drank himself to death . . . his sisters left living alone in mourning . . . cut off from society'.



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