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Chisholm (Tullich, Kilmuir Easter)

John Chisholm and Ann Davidson of Tullich (in the parish of Kilmuir Easter, Ross-shire) had three sons who went to Berbice. They were Baillie, baptised 11 Feb 1797, [GROS 069/00 0010 0117], John, baptised 15 May 1799 [GROS 069/00 0010 0129] and William, baptised 20 July 1809 [GROS 069/00 0010 0162].

In 1843, Baillie and William Chisholm were both executors of the will of John Chisholm jnr in Berbice [London Gazette]. John had been recorded as a 'planter' at Skeldon on the Coorentyne Coast in 1841 [National Archives of Guyana, 1841 Census]. In the 1841 Census of New Amsterdam (National Arcives of Guyana) William Chisholm is listed as a planter, along with William Chisholm jnr and Henry Cummings jnr, both aged between 10 and 20 and both born in British Guiana [NAG AK1.20 New Amsterdam Census 1841 f.63].

William Chisholm was on plantation Hanover, Berbice, from October 1836, as a manager for Thomas & William Earle of Liverpool. He refers in a letter to his 36-day journey by ship to reach the plantation [D/EARLE/5/5/4]. Baillie Chisholm, along with a William Campbell, were appointed to similar positions in 1838 [D/EARLE/5/2/1].

Baillie Chisholm traded in Berbice in 1837 as Baillie Chisholm & Co [1837 Sessional Papers]. He died on 4 September 1850, as this time manager of plantation Smithfield [John O'Groat Journal, Friday, January 3, 1851].

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