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Highland Scots - Moray & Strathspey: William Grant

For family tree see William Grant (Strathspey, Demerara) on Ancestry (subscription required)

In 1798 William Grant owned the Strathspey plantation in Demerara, named as 'Stat Spy' on the map of that date in the library of the University of Amsterdam. Grant had been in Demerara since at least the ealry 1790s - his daughter Mary Joanna (or Johanna) was born there in 1793 and his son John Thomas Grant a few years earlier (assuming he was 21 at the time of his marriage in 1812).

In 1811 his daughter Mary Joanna, while still a minor, married Robert Tulloh of Golden Square, London. She died in Caen, Normany in 1836 - her birth in Demerara confirmed on her death certificate. 

In July 1812 John Thomas Grant Esq of St John's College, Cambridge, only son of the late William Grant Esq of Demerara, married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Paul Patrick Esq of Blackheath (Edinburgh Advertiser, 28 July 1812). John Thomas Grant was born c.1790, became a Church of England clergyman and died in 1830.

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