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Dr John Mackintosh

In 1826 John Mackintosh MD, Berbice, became a corresponding member of the Northern Institution, among a number of similar correspondnets responsible for collecting items for the Institution. He is later described as 'formerly of Inverness' [Caledonian Mercury, 18 August 1827].

An account of a metting of the Northern Institution in 1827 noted that:

The donations presented at this meeting were both numerous and valuable, and in particular were struck, with the beauty, and even magnificence, of the collection of zoological preparations from John Mackintosh of Berbice . . . Thirty-one varieties of the Snakes and Serpents,—and twenty-five specimens other Zoological productions of British Guiana, named and accompanied with notices of the structure and habits of each species. In this splendid collection are two very entire and large specimens of the Rattle Snake. [Inverness Courier, 31 October 1827]

In 1829 he sent the Institution as stuffed jaguar [London Courier and Evening Gazette, 6 January 1829].

He is probably the 'John M'Intosh, medical practitioner, Canje' who died before Octoebr 1834 [London Gazette, 1835].

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