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Highland Scots - Inverness & area:

A number of individuals from Inverness named Mackintosh were active in Guyana. See also:

Mackintosh (Kinchyle)


Two sons of Captain Alexander Mackintosh and Janet Maclean died there - the oldest son, Charles, was drowned in 1814 when a schooner was wrecked off the coast and the second son, Phineas, an army surgeon died in Demerara in 1805. [Gravetone in Chapelyard, Inverness.]

In a report in the Inverness Courier Charles is referred to as 'Charles Grant of Dochgarroch', after his mother's family.

Phineas & William Mackintosh

Two sons of William Mackintosh of Ballifeary, a provost of Inverness, went out to Demerara. Mackintosh was an uncle of George Inglis who referred in a number of letter to 'poor Phineas Mackintosh'. Phineas, born in 1777, worked for Dr Colin Chisholm on plantation Success [HCA IBC/7/10/11].

In 1801 Phineas was joined by his brother William.

I have written to this Gentleman [Robert Patterson] to see if he would provide a Birth in his Department for a fine lad a brother of Phineas McIntosh but I think greatly more promising . . . If I can do anything for him with Mr Patterson it will make me happy, if not, he must go out as an Overseer, in which case I must get you and Dr Chisholm to procure a proper Birth for him.

Inverness Museum, Letter book of George Inglis, 22 May 1801

Inglis described him as 'a very fine lad about 17 years of age, he had a good education, been in the banking office for some time, writes a good hand & is a pretty good accountant'.

When Edward Fraser (Reelig) arrived in Berbice in 1803 he wrote to his mother: ‘Tell Provost Macintosh I have seen his son William, who is very well’.

In 1814 Phineas Mackintosh Esq forwarded subscriptions of £285 10s from Demerara for Inverness Academy, including £52 10s in his own name. [AUL KC Ms874].

It may be the same Phineas Mackintosh, known as Phinny Fool, who was later well known in Inverness for his eccentricity and extravagance. He was reputed to have made his money in the West Indies.

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