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Irish planters & merchants: Berminghams

John Bermingham (1692-1777) of Clondargin and Dalgan married Maud Bermingham of Killbegg and had six children, including John and Edward. John married Jennet Puech (d1768) of St Kitts and then Dorothea Matthews of Demerara; Edward married Anne, daughter of Dr John Waddell. After Edward’s death, his widow Anne married Christopher Waterton.

In 1759 John Bermingham owned plantations Dalgan (granted in 1748) and Lucky Hit (granted in 1756). He was one of those accused by the Dutch governor, van ‘s Gravesande, of smuggling slaves into the colony in the 1760s. The governor also gave an account of Edward Bermingham’s house being attacked during a slave insurrection in 1772. [Storm van's Gravesande; the rise of British Guiana]

In 1788 J[ohn] Bermingham owned plantations Belvedere and Rome on the east bank of the Demerary, close to Stabroek. They were managed by Bermingham (or Birmingham) Nugent (1740-1829), from Roscommon [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette, 7 November 1829].


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