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William Fraser of St Vincent

William Fraser Esq of the Island of St Vincent
PROB 11/1380 Will of William Fraser of Island of Saint Vincent , West Indies
Inverness Commissary Court CC11/1/7 1808 Margaret Fraser sister to William Fraser of the Island of St Vincent thereafter of Leguan Island in the colony of Essequibo or Demerara, and wife to William Paterson, servant to Alexander Fraser of Dell

William Fraser bequeaths:

  • to his brother John Fraser at Fort Augustus, £4000 - £500 to be paid immediately and the remainder to be vested in funds to be used by him for the benefit of his children
  • to his brother Alexander, £2000 to be at his disposal when he comes of age
  • to his sister Margaret, £1000
  • to his uncle James Fraser in Beaulie, £1000
  • to his uncle Simon Fraser, aunt Catherine Calder, aunt Mary Fraser and aunt Christian Macrae, £500 each
  • to the child or children of his uncle Wm Fraser, £500
  • to the child or children of his uncle Wm ?, £500
  • to Col James Fraser of Belladrum, £3000 and if he dies first to be divided between his children
  • to John Fraser, brother of William Fraser Esq of Culbokie, Ann McDonnell, Margaret Fraser, Jean Chisholm and Mary Fraser, sisters of William Fraser of Culbokie, £500 each
  • Peter Grant, James McCaul, and Simon Fraser in Clunes, three of his executors, £200 each
  • residue to William Fraser Esq of Culbokie and the heirs male of his body; if he dies without heirs make, to James Fraser now younger of Belladrum and the heirs male of his body
  • directs that Adelaide, a mestie girl, and D?ie, a negro man be made free and that his other negroes be sold to good masters

Appoints as executors Col James Fraser of Belladrum, James Fraser Esq younger of Belladrum and Simon Fraser of Clunes; and Peter Grant and James McCaul Esq of this island

There was a dispute involving this will: Privy Council Case number: 1792_417, date of judgement 1830:

Thomas Frankland, as Executor of Peter Grant, late of Leguan Island, Essequibo Who formerly in conjunction with Charles Grant James Grant Thomas Frasert traded in the Island of st Vincent, under the Irm of Charles Grant & Co; John Murray McGusty & John Pearce Substituted Attornies of William Fraser, of Culbockie James Fraser of Belladrum in the Counry of Inverness James McCaul in the Island of St Vincent, they being together With the said Peter Grant, the surviving Executors of the last Will of William Fraser, deceased.

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