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John Hossack

John Hossack (1772-1847) was the son of John Hossack, a Cromarty carpenter. He, too, became a carpenter and emigrated to Demerara in the early 1800s or before. In 1810 he owned a house in Cumingsburg, Demerara, and was offering for sale:

From ten to fifteen prime young negro carpenters, who have been for several years used to framing and finishing.

Essequebo & Demerara Royal Gazette, March 31st, 1810

He returned to Cromarty, appeared in the Militia List of 1814 aged 42, and in 1820 was one of the prominent townspeople who subscribed to an address to the King - signing himself ‘John Hossack of Demerara’.

He married in 1822 and his son, William, was one of the first Crofters Commisioners, established to protect the rights of crofters in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

 Seabank: John Hossack's Cromarty house



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