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Robert Douglas (Fyrish)

For family tree see Robert Douglas on Ancestry (subscription required)

William Douglas, a captain in the Marines, lived at Fyrish. In 1766 he married Jane Bayne, daughter of the minister of Dingwall. Captain Douglas was part of an expedition against Martinique and Guadaloupe in 1758-59. He faced a court martial in 1764, which he himself requested, having refused to return to duty during a period of sickness. He was acquitted with honour. He died at Fyrish on 24 August 1788 [European Magazine, 1788]

Their son Robert is said to have died in Demerara [Genealogy of the families of Douglas of Mulderg and Robertson of Kindeace, Dingwall, 1895].

A Robert Douglas owned plantation Fyrish on the Corentyne Coast of Berbice and made the return of slaves himself in 1817, 1819, 1822 and 1825. In 1828 the return was made on behald of the estate of Robert Douglas deceased 

In 1891 one of his former slaves, Adam Emanuel, gave the following evidence to the Titles to Land Commissoners:

I live at Fyrish on the Corentyne Coast; I am 102 years of age; I was a slave at Ross on West Coast of Berbice and I was sold at Vendue and sent to Mr Robert Douglas at Fyrish; Then I worked for ten years in the house and afterwards I went with Mr Douglas' son and worked for Mr Donnevin [John Donvin, boat builder in Georgetown] at Nerva Saw Mill on the left bank of the River Demerary close to Mr Pattersons. I worked 11 years for Donnevin as a slave and then I came back to Mr Douglas, that was 6 or 7 years before Freedom.


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