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C, W & F Shand of Liverpool

Charles Shand (1772-1832), Francis [Frank] Shand (1882-1825) and William Shand (1784-1848) were the children of an Edinburgh merchant Francis Shand and his wife, Janet Wilson. For a family tree see that created by astral14 on Ancestry (subscription required).

The three brothers moved to Liverpool and became partners in Rodie & Sons, which later became Rodie & Shands. The partnership was terminated on the death of Thomas Rodie in 1818.

Charles Shand is probably the same person identified as the co-owner in some 30 slaving voyages between 1796 and 1806. He committed suicide in 1832 leaving a note which said: 'I die a martyr to West india persecutions. I cannot support my family, and they will not take me to the workhouse.'

As the surviving brother, William received compensation for slaves owned in Antigua and on three plantations in Guyana - Ogle, Montrose, and Bel Air & Blygezigt. [UCL entry for William Shand.]

In 1813 Hugh Munro Robertson described a trip he had taken with a friend named Shand from Demerara to Antigua and Barbados [NLS MS 19332 f102 Hugh Munro Robertson to Dr Traill, Demerary Apr 17th 1813] and in 1818 he wrote ‘Mr Shand has made important arrangements with affairs of his House in this colony, which I trust will turn out in every way to their advantage . . . Mr Staunton to retire . . . my prospects of success far beyond what I had any reason to expect . . . Frank Shand is a man of great worth and merit’ [NLS MS 19332 f118 Hugh Munro Robertson to Dr Traill, George Towne, Demerary, Jan 31st 1818].

William Shand was in partnership in Demerara with Alexander SImpson.

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