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Highland Scots - Inverness & area:
John Noble

In 1808 John Noble was manager of plantation La Bonne Intention on the east sea coast of Demerara. In 1815 he acquired a share of plantation Maryville & Liberty on Leguan Island, and its 110 slaves, in partnership with Charles Lamont Robertson. He also had property in Cumingsburgh.

He had two illegitimate children with Susan (or Susannah) Ross -  a son, John, and a daughter, Mary Ann. In 1811 his son left Demerara with Noble's friend Lewis Corbet on the ship Sisters of Glasgow. Noble wrote to James Grant, provost of Inverness, saying: ‘I hope in God they are both safe at Inverness long ere this.’ He also sent bills of credit and asked that his son John 'be placed at the Inverness Academy as a boarder with one of the Masters or at any other Genteel Boarding House'. [NAS GD23/6/527] In 1818 he was awarded a prize for handwriting [Inverness Courier - Thursday 31 December 1818].

Susannah Ross had died by 1823 when John Noble made the return for the eleven enslaved people she held. There were 217 enslaved people on Mary Ville. Noble was also the attorney for John Bolton's estate, Bachelor's Adventure 

John Noble snr died in November 1826 at Plymouth. His two children, resident in British Guiana, inherited his property and each received compensation of £521 14s. 6d for 13 slaves at emancipation but in 1844 their plantation, Mary Ville, was brought to judicial sale to pay their debts [London Gazette].


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