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Robert Grant

For family tree see Keith & Grant on Ancestry (subscription required)

Robert Grant was from a family of at least six children (Robert, John, David, Christina, Janet and Jane) in Golspie, Sutherland [Will, SC63/34/2]. He owned plantation Golspie in Berbice and was attempting to sell and leave the colony in 1815. In this year he manumitted two 'mulatto children' John and Robert, presumbly his children  [Berbice Gazette, 15 April 1815].

He was still in Berbice in 1819, when he owned twenty slaves on plantation Golspie [Slave Returns] and in 1825 was executor in Berbice of the estate of Sutherland Keith, the son of the Golspie minister.

By 1827 he had returned to Scotland where, in Edinburgh, he married Sutherland Keith’s sister, Sophia Keith [Scotsman, 21 April 1827]. He subsequently bought Knowpark, in Selkirk, where he died in 1832, leaving money to allow his brothers and sisters to emigrate to Upper Canada. He owned a house in Golspie which he left to his sister Christina.

Robert Grant and Sophia Keith had a son, Charles (b1828) and a daughter Sophia, born in December 1832, after her father’s death.


Berbice Gazette, 28 January 1815

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